Collision Repair Basics

The first step to protecting your vehicle is knowing the basics

First, a thorough inspection for an initial estimate. Later, some teardown if possible, to find any hidden layers of damage.

Parts choices such as new OEM, used or aftermarket are explained to the vehicle owner. Also, repair vs replace decisions can be made at this time.

An Even Closer Look
A "mock-up" is done. Many shops skip this time consuming step. All replacement parts are installed to see how well (or poorly) they work together. We won't spray any of our shiny paint until we verify proper panel fit.

Body Work
Sheetmetal parts will be repaired at this point. We straighten all metal thoroughly before applying any filler. We use only equipment that does not require drilling the panel in order to straighten the metal.

Bumpers and Other Plastics
Plastic parts can be repaired if mildly damaged, but there are very specific products, procedures and limits for this type of repair.

Before any car enters our spraybooth, it's color is sprayed out and checked on a test panel. Every car is unique. The basecoat may be applied over only a portion of a panel, but our urethane clearcoat is applied over entire panels for professional results.

General Repairs
This is the time when mechanical issues are usually dealt with. We are a full service collision repair shop. If a vehicle has mechanical, suspension, airbag, electrical or electronic damage, we will restore those systems as well. Items such as wheel alignment and air condition re-charge will be handled also.

So many things to check. Some systems are checked as they are repaired and some at the completion of the job. Its a waste of your time and ours if we have to re-visit your repair at a later date. We'll look it over before we call you to pick it up.



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